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Steven B. Case is CEO and developer of Pathfinder Science L.L.C. His academic appointment is as a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas, with the Center for Research on Learning and as an Assistant Director of the Center for Science Education. An award winning K-12 science teacher for 20 years before returning to the University of Kansas in 1997, Dr. Case is currently developing, The Extending Scientific Inquiry Through Collaborative Geographic Information Systems (ESIC) teacher development program; a three-year, jointly-sponsored program (NSF and ATT Foundation) to promote the use of geotechnologies in K-12 science education.

His past work has included the creation of the curriculum model that drives a collaborative research network, guiding science teachers to the integration of cutting-edge technology into the K-12 student scientific inquiry. He was instrumental in establishing the Kansas Environmental Monitoring Network, an early (1990) grassroots computer network of teachers, students, and scientists across the state dedicated to monitoring changes in the regional and global environment. Dr. Case has worked on a variety of curriculum development projects including Biology in the Community, Global Lab, and Ecology: A Systems Approach. He has served as resident Director of The Prairie Center, tallgrass prairie nature center, was Co founder and Director of the Outdoor Education Laboratory, a not-for-profit environmental education organization, and served on the Advisory board for Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Classroom Feeder Watch and Nestbox Network. In addition to education research on learning, he has maintained a research program in biology that spans systematics and ecology to biotechnology (protein engineering).

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