Crossword Editors' Pseudonyms


Ogden Porter/Peter Gordon ("Peter Gordon")
Roger DePont/Peter Gordon ("Peter Gordon")

Sue de Nîmes/Leslie Billig (Homophone, revealed by Peter Gordon upon her passing)

Maryanne Lemot/Mike Shenk ("Not My Real Name")
Alice Long/Mike Shenk ("Collegian") [Penn State paper]
Colin Gale/Mike Shenk ("Collegian") [Penn State paper]
Natalia Shore/Mike Shenk ("Another Alias") 
Judith Seretto/Mike Shenk ("Just the Editor")
Marie Kelly/Mike Shenk ("Really Mike")

Lex Shue/Mike Shenk??

Nora Pearlstone/Rich Norris ("Not a Real Person")
Damien Peterson/Rich Norris ("Editor's Pen Name")
Lila Cherry/Rich Norris ("Really Rich")
Gia Christian/Rich Norris ("Again It's Rich")
Charlie Riley/Rich Norris ("i.e. Really Rich"?)
Cathy Carulli/Rich Norris ("Actually Rich")
Teri Smalley/Rich Norris ("It's really me")
Samantha Wine/Rich Norris ("What's in a name")
Sabrina Walden/Rich Norris ("Brand New Alias")
Natalie Dyvens/Rich Norris ("Valentine's Day")
Meredith Ito/Rich Norris ("I'm the Editor")
Sheila Welton ("It's Halloween")

Sally R. Stein/Stan Newman ("It's Really S.N.")
Anna Stiga/Stan Newman ("Stan Again")
Ann W. Masten/Stan Newman ("Stan Newman")
Lester Ruff/Stan Newman ("Less Rough" Saturday Stumpers)

Josiah Breward/Wayne Robert Williams (Maternal grandfather)
Willie A. Wiseman/Wayne Robert Williams ("i.e. Wane Williams")