History of the NYT Acrostic


First, what everyone now knows as the "acrostic" wasn't always called thus.  Here's the evolution of the name of the puzzle in the New York Times Magazine:

Amazingly, in the long history of the "acrostic" in the New York Times there have been only 4 different authors/co-authors:

There were three "Kingsley Double-Crostics" by Joan Hawkins (Wortman's assistant) while "Doris Nash Wortman is on vacation".  They appeared March 26, April 9 & April 23, 1967. 

From its inception, the "acrostic" puzzle must have garnered lots of fans, as one can see by how often it appeared over the years:

New York Times "acrostics" appear online in Java and printable form at http://select.nytimes.com/premium/xword/acrostic/acrostic.html and require a subscription to access.