Though I’ve not found information on this family beyond Colonial Virginia, I will say they married into influential families & lived near influential people.


I don’t have a whole lot of information on Nathaniel but we know he was in Northumberland Co., Va. as early as 1653 for that is when he received 450 acres for transporting 9 persons to the Colony of Va.  Nathaniel's first plantation in Virginia was in the county that lies alongside the Chesapeake Bay where it meets the Atlantic.  Nathaniel the younger had a plantation in the county immediately to the west, or Westmoreland County.  Nathaniel's son Thomas had a 1200- acre plantation east of Richmond.  Both Nathaniel's moved inland, probably as a result of tobacco wearing out their land.  On March 23, 1655 he made a will.

Will of Nathaniel Hickman

"Northumberland County Record Book 65-658"

March 6, 1655 Memorandum IN THE NAME OF GOD & in Gods name, this is my Last Will & Testamt.
         First, I doe bequeath my Soule to my Lord God & blessed Saviour & Redeemer.
         Secondly I doe bequeath my body to my Mother Earth from whence it came.
         Here I doe bequeath to my Sonne THOMAS HICKMAN, Two hundred acres of Land joyneing the North side onto JOHN BENNETT marked trees according to the Pattent.
         Secondly: to my Daughter DIANA HICKMAN, I doe bequeath One hundred acres of land lying in the midle of ye Divident adjoyning to her Brother, THOMAS on the North & her Brother, NATHANIEL on the South.
         Thirdly: I doe bequeath one hundred & fifty acres unto NATHANIEL HICKMAN the Younger on the Southern side according to Pattent; And I doe firmely bind this Land by my Will & Testament for them & their heires for ever & not to sell nor to make this Land not by buying or any way for to make it firme upon Record for them & their heires for ever Amen. And after my debts be paid, then all goods & hoggs or what else, lett it equally be devided betweene the Mother the 4 children here. I leave all to the Almighty & I bequeath my Soule to God, my body to the Earth, Amen, Amen.
Witness: Robert Bradshawe & Thomas Haile. Nathaniel Hickman (his mark)
January 1656 This Will was proved by ye Oath of Robt. Bradshawe & is recorded.
Note:  will alluded to four children, however, only three were named, however, he did allude to Nathaniel the Younger so this could mean 2 of his children were named Nathaniel.  His wife, Avis, was named executrix of the will.

Nathaniel & Avis Hickman’s children were:

    Thomas married Mary Pascal
    Diana married William Lindsey, then Thomas Barrett
    Nathaniel the Younger?


I don’t have very much information on him.  A lot of my research comes from Hope A. Hilton’s book, Edwin and Elender Webber Chiles Hickman, Some Progenitors and Descendents, Early Pioneers of Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, and Utah, 3rd Ed., August 1978,

Nathaniel & Mary had the following children:

    Nathaniel who married Mary & had 4 children


Thomas Hickman, 428 acs. Rappa. Co.; S. side of Rappahannock. River. & North. side of a great swamp of Peanketank Riv; adjoining. Anthony Jackman; & Mr. George Marsh; 29 April l692 for transporting 9 people to the colony.  He was also a Constable of Mattaponi River area in May 1690.  Thomas Hickman died about 1731.

On Dec. 6, 1683 he married Martha Thacker, daughter of Henry & Eltonhead Conway.  She was born Dec. 5, 1667 in Middlesex Co., Va.  The Thackers were extensive landowners in the colony of Virginia.  He was clerk of the Virginia Council.  Henry served in the House of Burgesses in 1672 & was also a sheriff of Middlesex Co., Va. 

Henry Thacker’s wife, Eltonhead Conway comes from a very interesting family.  Her father was Edwin Conway.  He was Clerk of the Commonwealth in the County of Northampton.  He owned over 10,000 acres.  He is listed in the Virginia Heraldica Record & signed some of his early land records with his Coat of Arms.  Many of his descendants married into wealthy & influentual families.  A grandson of his married the sister of Martha Washington & a great-granddaughter became the mother of President James Madison.  Edwin Conway married secondly after his wife died, a sister of John Carter from the Carter family of Va.

Eltonhead Conway’s mother was Martha Eltonhead.  Her family was titled & wealthy.  She was one of 6 sisters who all married very wealthy & influentual men.  Her ancestors go back to the signing of the Magna Charta.  This is the family that Thomas Hickman married into. 

Thomas & Martha Thacker Hickman had the following children:

    Thomas who married Mary Elliott
    Edwin  who we descend from
    Elizabeth married Leland Pascal Greenhill
    Henry who married a Corbin.  One of the Eltonhead sisters
        also married into the Corbin family.
    Lettice who married a Mitchell.

Edwin Hickman was born about 1690 in Va. & died around 1769 in Albemarle Co., Va.  He married Elender Webber, the daughter of Capt. Henry Webber who was one of the founders of Albemarle Co. & was a justice & sheriff of the county.

Edwin Hickman 1690-1769, was a neighbor of Peter Jefferson, father of Thomas Jefferson.  He also signed as a witness to Peter Jefferson’s will.  Thomas Jefferson certainly knew him as he bought land from his sons (after Edwin’s death when the land was subdivided) which was known as Lego Farm.  This then became one of 4 farms that made up Monticello.   One of the owners of this land with Edwin Hickman, was the grandfather of George Rogers Clark who is known for basically saving Kentucky during the Revolutionary War as well as the North West Territory.  His brother William, was the Clark from the Lewis & Clark Expedition.  Here is the story behind the sale & purchase of the land: Joseph Smith in 1734 joined with Edwin Hickman Thomas Graves and Jonathan Clark in entering thirty two hundred and seventy seven acres on the north side of the Rivanna where it is crossed by the South West Mountain In the partition of the tract the portion of Smith coincided with the Pantops plantation He devised it to his sons John Larkin Philip and Thomas In the interval from 1746 to 1765 they sold their shares and eventually they all came into the possession of Mr Jefferson.   He was a large landowner as seen from his will.

Jefferson Fields
This all became part of Monticello


Will of Edwin Hickman

Albermarle County, Va., dated 4 Feb. l758

Proved 1769

In the name of God, Amen. Edwin Hickman of Fredericksville Parish in Albermarle Co., being sick and weak but perfectly senses and memory do make this my last Will and testament in manner and form following, viz.

I bequeath to my soul to God my creator, Insurer and in certain hopes of a joyful resurrection through the merits of mediation of Jesus Christ my redeemer and my body to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors, hereafter named:

After my just debts and funeral expenses are paid I give and bequeath to my dear and well-beloved wife Ellionar Hickman two-thirds of all my lands. A negro woman named Dinah and her future increase and a child's part of the rest of my estate Real and personal, except some legacies left after her decease to be equally divided among all my children barring her of any of their rights, titles . . . .

I give and bequeath to my son James Hickman one-third part of a tract of land 1250 acres lying and being on the Little Fork of Rappahanock River in Culpeper County, the Plantation whereon he now lives being a part and a Negro boy named Ben to him and his heirs forever.

I give and bequeath to my son Edwin Hickman one-third part of a tract of land of 1250 acres lying and being on the Little Fork of Rappahannock River in Culpeper County, the Plantation he now lives and a negro boy named Charles to him and his heirs forever.

I give and bequeath to my son Richard Hickman the remaining third part of a tract of land of 1250 acres lying in the Little Fork of Rappahannock, Culpeper Co. and a Negro girl and her increase and a feather bed to him and his heirs forever.

I give and bequeath to my son William Hickman four hundred and 10 acres of land being the upper part of a tract of 810 acres being the upper part of a 820 acres the quarter Plantation being part and a Negro girl named Matilder and her increase to him and his heirs forever.

I give to my son Thomas Hickman the remainder part of the aforesaid tract and a Negro boy named David and a feather bed to him and his heirs forever.

I give and bequeath to my daughter Susanna now wife of Benjamin Holladay a negro girl named Abby and her increase to her and her heirs forever.

I give and bequeath to my daughter Lettice Hickman now wife to Benjamin Isbell a Negro girl named Alice and her increase to her and her heirs of her body lawfully begotten forever.

I give and bequeath to my daughter Martha Hickman a Negro girl named Grace and her increase and a feather bed to her and her heirs forever.

I give the last of my estate both real and personal to be equally divided among all my children without appraisement. Lastly I nominate and appoint my loving wife Ellioner Hickman and my son Richard Hickman and my son Thomas Hickman executors of this my last Will and testament as witness my hand and seal this 4 Feb. 1758.

Signed, Edwin Hickman

Codice: My wish and desire is that whereas all those mentioned above is deceased and absent to nominate my son James Hickman, Edwin Hickman and William Hickman executors of this my last Will and testament. Witness my hand this 10th day of Oct. 1765.

Whereas my son Richard Hickman is dead my will and desire is that my son-in-law Joseph Smith may have the tract of land left to my son Richard Hickman in my Will.

Witness my hand and seal 30th day June 1769, Will Proved November, 1769.

The children of Edwin & Elender Webber are:

    Susanna who married Benjamin Holliday about 1747
    Richard, died about 1732 in Williamsburg, York Co., Va.
    Martha who married Joseph Smith
    Thomas, born about 1724 in Spotsylvania Co., & died about 1790 in King and Queen Co., Va.  He married Sarah Sanderson.
    James, born March 3, 1723/24 in Spotsylvania Co., Va. & died about  1816 in Clark Co., Ky.  About 1744 he married Hannah Lewis
        born about 1722 in Va., & died about 1822 in Clark Co., Ky.
    Edwin is who we descend from
    William, who was born about 1729 in Spotsylvania Co., Va. & died  about 1816 in Jackson Co., Gas.  He married Lucretia Stricklin
    Lettice who was born about 1735 married Benjamin Isbell.  He was born about 1731 in Wilkes Co., N.C.

Among Edwin Hickman’s descendants are Barack Obama (from his mother’s side) & Brad Pitt.


"In l77l Edwin Hickman was paid along with 2 others for making l4 pairs of shoes, thus we learn that Edwin was a shoemaker.  As his son Edwin Jr. was a very experienced tanner in l8l0 in Surry County, N.C. may we assume that he learned this trade and prodiciency from his father?  Edwin's son Elliott Hickman was also a shoemaker, 'his specialty being boots'."

He owned land in Culpeper Co., Va. & also Rappahannock Co., Va. at Hickman's Run/Hickman's Mountain.  In 1779 he purchased land in Surry Co., N.C.  The land he purchased later became a part of Stokes Co., N.C.
Two of his deeds in Stokes Co., N.C. were:

5 April 1792 between Edwin Hickman, Sr., and James Lyon of Patrick Co., Va. 200 pds. current money of Virginia...two tracts on S side Dan River (1st tract 117 cres...2nd tract, 150 acres... on N side Mackeys Creek...Francis Holt's line...
Joseph Cloud
Edwin Hickman, Jr.                 Edwin Hickman Sr.
John Wilkins

18 May 1789 NC grant... Edwin Hickman...200 acres on waters of Snow Creek & adjoining Jonas & Jack Lawson.

The children of Edwin & Phoebe Eastham Hickman are:

    William, born about 1770 in Culpeper Co., Va. & died about 1851 in Randolph Co., Mo.  He married Lettice Isbell.


Edwin Hickman was born Aug. 9, 1762, Culpeper Co., Va. & died Sept. 7, 1857, Stokes Co., N.C.  He married on April 10, 1783 Patey Isbell who was born Dec. 26, 1762 & died June 15, 1850 in Stokes Co., N.C. 

There is evidence in Court Records that his Father was in Surry Co., N.C. as early as 1780 so I imagine that’s when he was down there too.  So it’s possible he & Patey could have been married in Va.  The l8l0 U.S. Census in Stokes County listed what people did for a living in some detail.  For example Edwin Hickman tanned 450 hides in his 'tannery shop' with a retail value of $225.00

Edwin Hickman served in the Revolutionary War & one of his pension applications which tells about his service follows:

Pension application of Edwin Hickman S8712

Transcribed by Will Graves

State of North Carolina, Stokes County

On the 15th day of December 1832 personally appeared in open court before the Justices of the County Court of Pleas & quarter Sessions for said County, now sitting (being a court of record having by Law a seal and clerk) Edwin Hickman a resident of Stokes County and State of North Carolina aged 70 years on the ninth day of August last, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June the seventh 1832,
That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated (Viz.)  This applicant states he entered in the North Carolina militia as a drafted soldier for three months under the command of Captain Absalom Bostick some time in the month of June 1780 – that he rendezvoused at Old Richmond then the County seat of Surry now included in Stokes County from thence marched to Salisbury in Roan [sic, Rowan]  County N. C. from thence to Phifer's Mill, thence he says he marched and joined General Rutherford's [Griffith Rutherford's] brigade, near Beatties Ford on the Catawba [River] thence back to Salisbury  remained there a few days, that he then marched to the trading Ford on the Yadkin [River], returned to Salisbury and there remained for the space of between 10 and 15 days. From Salisbury at he marched southwardly and having been taken sick on the route was left by permission left in the care of a Mr. Bluman. He states that he was in actual service about seven or eight weeks previous to his illness and was not called upon after his recovery from sickness by which he was disabled or five or six weeks. This term of service was for three months, the performance of which he has no other means of proving but by his own oath. He further states that in the spring of 1781 he served a tour of four weeks under Captain James or Captain Cloud and received a discharge from Captain James which is enclosed.  He also states that he served a tour of six weeks under the above named Captains, this company was attached to the command of General Pickens [Andrew Pickens], during this campaign that he was in a battle against the British at Alamance in Guilford County North Carolina. That he was also in an engagement at Whitesell's [sic,Wetzel's] mill on the Reedy fork of Haw River also in Guilford County, that he received a discharge for the above tour of six weeks which is also enclosed. He states that in the above stated tours Major Joseph Winston was his Major.

In the fall of 1781 that he served a tour of three months under Captain Humphreys in General Rutherford's Brigade and in Col. James Martin's Regiment for which term of service a discharge from his Captain is enclosed countersigned by Colonel Martin.

He also states that he served a tour of two or three weeks under Captain James, whose company was attached to the command of Major Smith & Colonel William Shepherd, he has no means by which he can prove the last named tour but by his own oath.  

He swears that he was born in Culpeper County in the State of Virginia on the ninth of August 1762 and that when he first entered the service he was living in Surry County North Carolina and is now living in the County of Stokes & State of North Carolina and has done since the year 1789, that he entered the service as above stated, that he has stated the officers, Regiments, service and all the circumstances relating thereto as nearly at this time as near as it is in his power to recollect.

That he never received any discharge but what is herein stated and enclosed. That he is known to John Venables Esq. and Joshua Cox senior who can and will testify as to my character for veracity and their belief of his services as a soldier of [the] revolution.
S/ JohnVenables, JP
S/ Joshua Cox
he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declare that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency of any State.
S/ Jas B. Frost
S/ Edwin Hickman, Senr.
Sworn to and subscribed this 14 th day of December 1832.
S/ J. S. Venables
S/ Jas [?] Winston
S/ Jas B. Frost

Then later he applies for bounty land:

State of North Carolina, Stokes County
On this the 20th day of April A.D. 1855, personally appeared before me, a Justice of the Peace, with in and for the County and State aforesaid Edwin Hickman and a resident of the County & State aforesaid aged 93 years who being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical Edwin Hickman who was a private in the Company commanded by Captain Absalom Bostick in the Regiment of North Carolina Militia commanded by Colonel James Martin in the Revolutionary War; and that he (see old papers) in (the old papers) County & State of (see old Pension papers) on this __ [blank in original] day of __ [blank in original] A. D. 17__ [blank in original] for the term of ___ [blank in original] and continued in actual service in said war for the term to of more than 14 days and was honorably discharged at __ [blank in original] in the State of __ [blank in original] on the __ [blank in original] day of ___ [blank in original] A. D. 17__ [blank in original] all of which will more fully appear on reference to a declaration with the evidence of service filed by this applicant in the War department upon which a certificate of pension issued on the 19th day of February 1833.

He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Bounty Land to which he may be entitled under the Act passed the 3rd day of March 1855. He also declares that he has never received or applied for County land under this or any act of Congress. And that J. Mastin Esq. of Winston, Forsyth County & State of North Carolina is duly authorized to prosecute this his claim and receive any warrant that may issued thereon.
S/ Edwin Hickman {Seal}


A family Bible gives names & dates of his children along with dates for most, & some grandchildren.  Edwin lived to be 95 yrs. old & Patey was 88 yrs. old.  It was said that Edwin was about 7 feet tall.  In the old Hickman graveyard there is a grave much larger than the others that is thought to be his.

The children of Edwin & Patey Isbell are:

Elliott was born Sept. 9, 1783 in Stokes Co., N.C. & died Feb 17, 1851 in Warren Co., Ky.  On Dec. 8, 1805 he married Nancy Isbell & they had 10
John was born Oct. 16, 1784 in Stokes Co., N.C.  On Dec. 8, 1810 he married Nancy Adams
Anna was born April 9, 1786
Elizabeth was born July 17, 1789, Stokes Co., N.C.  On Oct. 5, 1806 she married Edwin Smith who was born Aug. 27, 1780.
Richard G. was born April 13, 1790 Stokes Co., N.C. & died Jan. 22, 1866.  On Nov. 5, 1819 he married Eleanor Ketchum who was born Dec. 30, 1800
Edwin, Jr. was born May 3, 1792 Stokes Co., N.C.
Thomas was born Feb. 27, 1794 Stokes Co., N.C. & died Jan.31, 1820.  On Aug. 25, 1817 he married Sarah Isbell.
Patey was born Feb. 1, 1796 Stokes Co., N.C. & died before 1848. She was married around 1819/1820 to David Ketchum who was born July 9, 1795.
Lettice was born Feb. 2, 1798 Stokes Co., N.C. & died July 1800.
Phoebe was born Jan. 4, 1800 Stokes Co., N.C.  On July 27, 1823 she married William C. Seamond (also spelled Simmons in the Bible) who was born Dec.
        2, 1797.
William H., our ancestor.
Maria Elenor C. was born April 2, 1804 Stokes Co., N.C.  On Oct. 7, 1823 she married Alexander Hampton who was born Sept. 4, 1803.
Benjamin T. Hickman was born July 4, 1806 Stokes Co., N.C. & died about 1850.  On June 28, 1826 he married Judith F.Christian who was born about
        1800 in Amherst Co., Va. & died before 1840 in Moniteau Co., Mo.
Nancy E. was born May 30, 1811, Stokes Co., N.C.


This is Judith Leake Hickman Williams’ Dad.  William was born July 17, 1802 in Stokes Co., N.C. & died sometime before 1848.  On June 29, 1825 he married Elizabeth Ann Christian in Henry Co., Va.  Elizabeth was born Nov. 22, 1802 in Virginia & died sometime before May 13, 1848 in Moniteau Co., Mo.  Elizabeth was the sister of Judith who married William Hickman’s  brother, Benjamin Hickman.  The Christian family lived in Henry Co., Va. which is just across the state line from Stokes Co., N.C.  At some point the Christian family along with some of the Hickman & Isbell family began to move westward towards Warren Co., Ky.  1837 is when his wife, Betsy came to Moniteau Co., Mo. with her family.  The following letter tells a bit of the story of William Hickman.  It is written by his wife, Betsy.  Moniteau Co. had not been formed yet so this is from Morgan Co., Mo.

Morgan County, Mo.                                  May 27, l837
Dear Aunt
I now take my pen in hand to inform you that we arrived safe to this county the 22th of April and we are well and hope these lines may find you all well.  Brother Peter is very low.  He has not recovered from chills and fever and I am sure he never will.  One of Polly ---lersons children is very sick.  The rest of the family is well.  Amanda is well and seems satisfied.  She is not going to her Uncles yet, But is going shortly.  We want to see Elisa and Mr. Harkins very much and all our friends in your county.  Give my love to all my friends and acquaintances.  Tell John and Ann I want to see them.  I told you I would write to you about this country and whether I heard about Mr. Hickman, but he never has been seen near here by any person.  His sister lives here and is distressed about him and believes with us that he is murdered.  I can't write to you about the country until I get better acquainted with it.  O my dear aunt my mind will never get settled enough to write a letter as I ought again.  Write to me.  Tell John and Ann all the children wishes to see them.  I must conclude by subscribing myself
your affectionate cousin.
Betsy Ann Hickman

 According to Judith Belle Williams Dexheimer, "Bill Hickman, Aunt Jude's (Judith Leake Hickman Williams) father, went to Kentucky and Virginia on a 'trading spree' of tobacco and horses -- before May 27, l839, and was never heard from since.  It seemed to be the general opinion that he was robbed and murdered, possibly for his money."
William & Elizabeth Christian Hickman had the following children:

Celnira Christiana born March 9, 1826, Stokes Co., N.C., died Dec. 1912 Moniteau Co., Mo.  On Aug. 30. 1848 she married Isaac Lloyd Williams who was born March 12, 1819 in Casey Co., Ky. & died 1901 in Moniteau Co., Mo.

Celnira Hickman Williams

John B. born May 10, 1827, Stokes Co., N.C. died Nov. 30, 1928 Mo.  On July 1, 1847 he married Mary Target in Moniteau Co., Mo.
Catherine Ann born Dec. 29, 1828, Stokes Co., N.C. died June 14, 1904, Moniteau Co., Mo.  On Nov. 14, 1850 she married William D. Smith in
     Moniteau Co., Mo.  He was born July 29, 1825 in Iredell Co., N.C. & died Dec. 14, 1890 in Moniteau Co., Mo.
Judith Leake born May 12, 1830, Stokes Co., N.C., died Aug. 14, 1924 in Moniteau Co., Mo.  On July 4, 1855 she married George Washington
     Williams, brother to Isaac Lloyd Williams.  He was born Sept. 6, 1825, Casey Co., Ky. & died Oct. 3, 1903 Clarksburg, Moniteau, Mo.

Judith Leake Hickman Williams

James E. was born about 1831 Stokes Co., N.C.  On April 2, 1868 he married Mary E. Hayter in Moniteau Co., Mo.
Elizabeth Ann born June 2, 1833.  June 19, 1856 she married William Thomas Collit in Moniteau Co., Mo.
Mary Virginia born Feb. 17, 1835 & died Sept. 17, 1882. Nov. 3, 1852 she married James Stone in 1883. Moniteau Co., Mo.
William E. born Feb. 17, 1837, died Feb. 14, 1860


Judith was 7 yrs. old when she came to Moniteau Co., Mo. with her family.  Her Dad never showed up, probably murdered on one of his trips & within 10 yrs., her mother also had died.  Several family members of the Christian family died within a few years of each other.  Judith & her siblings had to live with other family members.  Judith & William were living with her Uncle John when the 1850 census for Moniteau Co., Mo. took place.  Her sister Mary was living with Celnira & her new husband Isaac Williams.  I’m not sure where James was at this time. 

My Dad said she always spelled her name Judia & pronounced as Judy, but so many people insisted on calling her Judith or spelling her name that way, she eventually just let people spell her name as Judith.  Her family called her Judy or Jude.  She lived to be 94 yrs. old.  There was a large party for one of her birthdays & I’ve seen mention of it, but haven’t been able to discover when it was.

California Democrat

Aug. 14, 1924

Mrs. George Williams died at the age of 94.


Aged lady Passed Away Near Clarksburg August 4th at Advanced Age.

Mrs. Williams wife of the late George Williams died at her home two miles south of Clarksburg Monday August 4th at the age of 94 years.  The burial was in the family cemetery the following day.

Mrs. Williams was born in Virginia May 17, 1830 and came with her parents to Missouri in early childhood.  She was married to George W. Williams July 4th, 1855 & 8 children were born to this union, five of whom survive.  Mrs. Mary N. Sennett, George W. Williams, James Franklin Williams, Mrs. John Bratten, & John Wesley Williams.

She united with the Primitive Baptist Church at the age of 15 yrs. and lived a consistent Christian life.

She & George Williams  had the following children:

George born Sept. 6, 1858 & married Martha (Mattie) Allison.  They had 7 children.
Mary Ann  married Jake Sinnett & had 4 children.
James was born about 1863 & married Lavina Dunn.  They had 7 children.
Elizabeth Ann was born April 1871 & married John W Bratten.  They had 5 children.
Katherine Josephine was born June 28, 1860 & married James Robert Hill.  They had 8 children.
William J. was born March 21, 1866
Isaac was born 1868 & married Jennie Kays.  They had 3 children.
John Wesley born June 6, 1875 & married Myrtle Irene Morrow.  They had 8 children.

EDWIN HICKMAN 1690-1769 & ELENDER WEBBER 1695-1738
EDWIN HICKMAN 1762-1857 & PATEY ISBELL 1762-1850

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