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Both of my parents were born & raised in the Missouri Ozarks. Both had families that came to Mo. in early years & raised their families there.All but one branch was in Mo. before the Civil War & endured through the terrible hardships during that time. This story is about them & those who went before.

My Dad’s family had strong southern roots. They came mostly from Virginia., North Carolina, into Kentucky & then Missouri. One side dipped into South Carolina before going to North Carolina, then Georgia, Tennessee & Alabama, then on to Missouri. You’d think with conditions as difficult as they were to travel that these people would stay close to home. Not them though. They moved around a lot.

Most of my mother’s family was Yankee born & raised. They married into Yankee families that came to our shores very early in our nation’s history. However, when they reached Missouri , they broke rank & married into a family with southern roots.

Despite the strong southern influence, I’ve only found one Confederate among my family. I’m not sure if it was even his choice as he was picked up by Gen. Price & Gen. Jo Shelby on one of their infamous raids through Missouri looking for men to fill their ranks. You didn’t have much choice as it was a do or die situation.

My Mom's Family Includes

TWITCHEL/TWITCHELL FAMILY of Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois & Missouri

Leander & Sarah Frances Pendall Twitchel
Leander Curtis & Sarah Frances Pendall Twitchel

Shortly after the Civil War began, Leander Curtis Twitchel along with friends & neighbors from MacDonough Co., Ill. tried to join the U.S. Army in Illinois but discovered that the quota for Illinois was filled.  So they hopped a train & went to West Quincy, Mo. where they joined the 10th Missouri Regiment.  Their regiment was known as the "Bloody Tenth" because of all the battles they fought.  He was among those who fought at Vicksburg & was on the march to Savannah when he was captured one week before he was to be mustered out.  He was sent to Andersonville where he stayed until the end of the war.   Just before he was captured, his Father died. When he was released from Andersonville, he headed home to MacDonough Co. Ill., married Sarah Frances Pendall & left for Mo. where they settled in the Marceline, Linn County, Mo. with several members of her family.


Williams & Sarah Catherine Edwards McLaughlin
William & Sarah Catherine Edwards McLaughlin

According to the census records, William McLaughlin's parents were from Kentucky.  We know he joined the 24th Missouri Regiment, Co. E in Montgomery Co., Mo. to fight for the union.   His company was detached from the 24th & joined to the 10th Missouri Regiment.  I have a copy of the statement he gave for Leander Twitchell's Civil War pension proving they were acquainted with each other during the Civil War.  After the War was over, he came back to Missouri, settled in Camden Co. & married Sarah Catherine Edwards.

EDWARDS FAMILY of North Carolina, Indiana & Missouri

Silas Edwards brought his family to Missouri stopping first in Illinois and Iowa and settling in Missouri just before the Civil War.  He settled first in Maries Co., Mo. before settling in Camden Co., Mo.  He mustered in Capt. Bumpass Maries Co. Battalion Reg. E MM on Oct. 24, 1863 & served until the war's end. 

PENDALL/PENDAL/PENDLE/PINDLE FAMILY of Connecticut, New York, Ohio, West Virginia & Illinois, & Missouri

Albert Wesley & Floyd Pendall were two of Sarah Frances Pendall Twitchell's brothers who later moved to Mo. & settled close to the Twitchell family in Linn Co., Mo.


Find out who the very early immigrants are from this family and when they came to these shores.


Discover interesting tidbits about the ancestors of Ralph and Mary Jane McLaughlin Twitchel.


Our ancestors and the wars they served in from the beginning of the settlement of the colonies through the Civil War..


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My Dad’s family includes

WILLIAMS FAMILY of Virginia, Kentucky & Missouri 

John & Myrtle Morrow Williams
John & Myrtle Morrow Williams

The first record of  JOHN WILLIAMS in Lincoln Co., Ky. is in 1798 when he purchased 100 acres of land on Fryes Creek from Samuel Emmerson.  His land was in Casey Co. when it was formed from Lincoln Co. in 1806.  In 1814 he died leaving a will in Casey Co., Ky. naming his children as Lydia, Nancy, Betsy Douglas, George, Thomas, Isaac, Joel & Samuel as well as his wife Sally.

THOMAS WILLIAMS first shows up on the 1802 Lincoln Co., Ky.  tax record for 250 acres probably on Brush Creek. In 1831 he & Jane begin to sell their land which at this time was Casey Co., Ky.

In 1836 Thomas was 60 yrs. old when he, his wife & 9 children came by ox wagon to what was then Cooper Co., Mo. but later became Moniteau Co. According to a biography of his son George Washington Williams which appeared  in the HISTORY OF COLE, MONITEAU, MORGAN, BENTON, MILLER, MARIES AND OSAGE COUNTIES, l889, pg. l023, Thomas was a farmer & a tanner.  He furnished a substitute for the War of l8l2.  There is a big debate among his descendants in Mo.as to whether his middle name was Jefferson or James.  The tombstone gives his middle name as Jefferson.


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CHRISTIAN AND HICKMAN FAMILIES of Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky & Missouri

William & Benjamin Hickman married sisters who lived just over the state line in Henry Co., Virginia.   At some  point after their marriage they decided to join other Hickmans, Isbells & Christians going west.  Some of the Hickmans, Isbells & Christian family members settled in Warren Co., Ky. while others pressed on to Mo.    According to Elizabeth's letter, William Hickman was murdered somewhere between Mo., Ky. & NC.  He was taking  horses back to sell.  He apparently came earlier to Moniteau Co., Mo.  & was on his way back to pick up his family.  Benjamin & Judith Christian Hickman along with widow Elizabeth Christian Hickman continued on to Moniteau Co., Mo. with other members of the Christian family.  Many in the Christian family became ill & died almost right away after moving to Mo. so Elizabeth Christian Hickman’s children became orphans & had to live with other family members.  Benjamin Hickman also lost his wife, Judith during this time.  Among William & Elizabeth Christian Hickman’s family were two daughters Judith & Celnira who married brothers, George & Isaac Williams. 

MORROW FAMILY of North Carolina, Kentucky & Missouri

William Morrow  married Sarah Jay Jan. 5, 1789 Caswell Co., N.C.  They moved to Clay Co., Ky. then on to Mo. in 1818 before it became a state.  They settled around Glasgow in Howard Co & there formed the Morrow Settlement.  His first wife died & he went to Marion Co., Tn. where he married his second wife, then returned to Mo.   He settled in Macon Co., Mo. in an area later known as  Morrow Settlement and opened the first mill in the area.  He was also a blacksmith.

Isaac Morrow is the lone Confederate in the family.  He served with Jo Shelby under Gen. Price.  He was certainly in the Battle of Westport.  All the records of his unit were destroyed so the only record we have of his service is his application to the Confederate Home in Higginsville, Mo.

GREEN/GREENE AND SUMMERS FAMILIES of Virginia, Kentucky & Missouri

Robert Green, Richard Summers & their families came from Henry Co., Va. to Wayne Co., Ky.  Their families along with several other families eventually migrated together to Randolph, Chariton & Macon Counties, Mo. by 1830.

HILL FAMILY of Alabama & Missouri 

John Hill is the oldest ancestor I can find & the earliest location I can find him is Alabama.  It is believed, however, that his family was among those who traveled from South Carolina, North Carolina, possibly Georgia & Tennessee before moving into Alabama & then Missouri.  It is known his children were all born in Alabama, probably Marion County where the Bolen family was living.                            

BOLEN/BOLIN/BOLING/BOLLING/BOWLIN FAMILY of South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama & Missouri    

Willoughby Bolen is the earliest one I can find in this family.  The 1850 mortality schedule of Moniteau County, Mo. states that he was born in South Carolina.  He is found in the census records of Montgomery Co., N.C., Lincoln Co., Tn., Marion Co., Al. & Stoddard and Moniteau Counties Mo.  Would love to know more about this family.


These are the names of those ancestors who were the first in their family to come to this land later called America
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This includes only those in our direct ancestral line.


Find out about some of our most interesting ancestors.

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